Hello December

We are already 5 days down the road, I took long to write because November was like a lion’s den. The darkness was overwhelming, fortunately light won the battle. I had to manoeuvre my being into your home. Hoping you are glad to see me. I don’t know where to start. Okay, my team managed to scoop  media challenge awards for Radiocity 97fm a radio station we work for as brand ambassadors. The bosses appreciated us in their own way. Recently I have been reading Kosiya Kifefe a novel written by Arthur Gakwandi – it’s about an ambitious determined African youth account of growing up in post-independence Africa. He completes his A’level exams and unlike his age mates who are thinking about marriage & any kind of job that gives them a salary, Kifefe aims higher. When on a visit at home, the populace treat him as an embodiment of knowlegde – dressed in trousers, long sleeved shirt and shoes.The author’s vivid description portrays a changing Kifefe, …….. “he somehow looked more like a government official than a brother. Children came running towards him, but they involuntarily slowed down, held in check by the remoteness of his expression”. Crowds surround him like Jesus in the old testament. As an impact of civilisation, Bahemuka’s son is becoming conscious of his home environment . I would narrate for you the whole story but iam still turning pages. On chapter 4 but I feel its going to be interesting…… Just you wait, I will do a book review for you. 

That reminds me, Gambia has finally seen the new moon. They have a new leader. God listen to Uganda’s prayer too. Amen! Pray for us December. We really need change. University is still under key and lock, no one has an idea when it will open not even “darling” Yoweri. Huh! On Thursday Besigye sarcastically  assured citizens that he with his gang would hold a fundarizing event at the Freedom square. Our very punctual law and order keepers got there before him. Nothing happened. Aaaaha! some members of Parliament under the disguise of “friends of Makerere university” were the previous week stretching out their hands in front of obsolete cameras with 50k notes for the same cause. Funny right! if citizens who earn about 5 million can’t search their pockets plus wallets excessively abundantly are expecting well-wishers who earn 200k monthly to contribute selflessly the issue is yet to be solved. Guess we are still in pre-production process the executive producers- Mr & Mrs Museveni haven’t signed the script. Besigye warned but the promise maker only managed to transport his bull which was also denied entrance after the 10 days of curious waiting.

The Omusinga Wa’ Rwenzururu is in the dock charged with treason. 52 unidentified bodies of the Kasese attacks were buried at Rukoki UPDF army barracks yesterday.May their souls rest in eternal peace.🙏 But who is behind the Kasese instability?  remains a question on many Ugandans’ lips. Back to merrying, Christmas is around the corner hope you make it memorable as we usher in 2017. Oh! I haven’t forgotten sweetheart, my blog is one month old however I have 68 followers. Phiona is glad there are people who believe in her. Thank you😍.  

December I wish to write forever but I got to work……….. See you tomorrow…

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