The sermon

Today I didn’t go to church and I decided to learn the scriptures from home. Sharing the word of God.

The Topic: The government shall be upon his shoulder.

Bible Texts: Isaiah 9: 2-7.                                                       Colossians 1:12-21.                                           Matthew 11:25-28

The message: Believe in God in whatever situation you are in. If you accept Jesus you will enter the kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, I call upon Christians to always put God first in whatever they do; are you going for a trip, to eat, sleep, read, work, are you sick, depressed, financially down etc don’t forget to ask God to lead and guide you. The Lord is our fighter, mother, father, doctor, nurse, president, friend and many other things. Remember, the Lord gave his own son for us to have peace, love, everlasting life, hope, joy, good health, excellence the list is endless. Whoever is you the Lord shall handle him/her for you.Surrender everything to the Lord. You are a child of the Father no weapon formed against you shall proper.

Below are screenshots of the Bible texts,they are marked in different colors. 

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