Why do people follow you?

For sometime now I have been studying the trend of things in terms of social media followers. I picked a few lessons am sharing today. What we post, say, discuss gives an insight of the kind of person you might be. Though we have people who live a totally different life on social media platforms and another in reality.

Talk.  What you discuss or post may also get you followers; political talk is always boring to many although people may follow you to just updates. Your followers think you are a rather serious person. There are people who good at talking sex especially . Someone will do a thread on sex each time they want to engage with the public and because sex jazz draws a lot attention, they follow him/her. Conclusions are usually made towards such humans. Some men find them attractive and can sext with them. Though it doesn’t mean everyone who writes about sex is out there for sending/filrting. Whereas, we have a majority that will not follow you because all you can talk about is sex. Small cheap useless talk. 

Fashion, events, religion, food and sports talk always has a narrow audience to it.

The profile picture. Your dp may also determine how your followers perceive or gain. Are you the girl who likes to show cleavage, thighs, booty & boobs,  sexy edited/unedited skin.someone is clicking your follow button because of your skin. The more respect you gibe to yourself, the less guys/babes who will DM their penis to you. We have all been on social media and know these things. They send you pictures his d**k  or  juicy womanly skin – V***and tell you how they want to make fcuk you as plain as that. This is so likely of  unrespectful men. However, not only skin photos attract stalkers. It may be a decent photo but because you are just good looking. 

Likable. These are people who are just liked by the majority. You get followers each other day because new persons fond you interesting. This comes with what content on you post at times or sense of humor.

Photo-by-Aggrey Nyondwa

Popularity. If you are a celebrity or known by many tweeps/facebookers/writers etc, followers want to be apart of your social media circle. Though, these SM personalities may not post sensible content at times they get many likes,comments, retweets, etc. They normally do promo twitter or other kinds of promo on different social media due to large number of followers they have which attracts clients to ask for their services. We also have a group that would follow you expecting a follow back. Usually, they care about numbers not anything about you. 

Names used on social media. Some people use celebrity names, outstanding names that trigger your inquisitive side to find our who they are. At the end of the day, we all have reasons why we would follow a certain person and not the other.

Twitter- @phionapaige

Facebook- Phiona Babirye

Instagram- babirye_phiona


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