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Life of a young christain 

As a Christian you maybe a cell leader,  choir member or a preacher, the congregation always looks at you like a role model. Trust me you the ‘faithfuls’ and ‘unfaithfuls’ will cast stones at every move you make. When you change a hair style, they will be quick to say eeeh! this child has gotten spoilt because it looks like that of a secular music artist they know or society associates it with ungodliness. But do they even know what “Holiness” mean? Of course they don’t.

People expect you to laugh even when they throw annoying statements at you. Comeon society, these people have feelings just like you. They don’t have white blood.More so, its worse when you get into a relationship, a number of unshockingly mesmerizing persons will think that you can’t break you or have fights or get tempted.One time, I was talking to a group of young Christians who told me they had once kissed their partners in a relationship. I was surprised.My reaction wasn’t called for though. Jesus also got tempted. However, it doesn’t mean you let temptation rule you. People will expect you to be extra good; you don’t get annoyed, hurt, emotional, broke and many other things. There is a group that will even be surprised when you don’t have school fees yet you are always leading prayers and preaching encouraging sermons.

It’s proper that you don’t judge others you don’t know what is in their house till you have been there.

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