Why He/She will cheat 

You fall for this beautiful lady or gentleman get into a relationship and years/months/weeks one of you is cheating. Several times we curse when our partners cheat on us but its caused by us. Yes, i just said US. Why?

Source: Internet

Some men get so used to the fact that they have already got you, you have decided to date each other. Or maybe had a few sexual encounters. Therefore, they think you can’t go straying. This is normally for men who think if I show her how fantastic I am in bed she won’t leave. No, you are mistaken. A relationship is morer than just sex that’s if you really loved this person in the first place. Whereas some people may cheat because you ain’t good in bed. 50% of sexual encounters maybe be about the man releasing and the woman getting away with it.Many ladies wouldn’t tell their man. Silence leads to another. Its from that, I point out unapproachable men, they are so quick at judging and concluding that you find it hard to start a conversation about your sexual potential.

Cheating may happen because you were pretending in the first place. When you walked up to this beautiful lady you were flirting to get her to you or to prove to your buddies a point. In due course, you nolonger call her all the sweet nothings you used too. No calls, no texts etc .  Literally, there is poor communication. Tell me which man or woman would want to stay in such a relationship when there is someone who texts them good morning, goodnight….always checking on him/her. A man/woman adores them out there. 

Rumors. You hear something and instead of sitting down your lover, you become God or ask their close friends. There is nothing that hurts like your partner hearing that you shared your internal matters with another person even if its their sister or best friend.

When some partners get into a relationship or get married, they blindly think they have arrived yet the journey has just started. They forget about buying her we flowers, taking her out for dinner, making him sometime alone away from the children, pamper him like a baby and make yourself presentable for him. Stop looking like a housewife all the time. Make him groan at mere looking at you. 

Appreciation is basic in any relationship.if your partner doesn’t take pride in you yet there’s this beautiful or handsome workmate who thinks you are a great person. 5% cheating loading……..  This may also be in- terms of your career or what you like; he/she never encourages you and doesn’t want to know what’s happening with your career. Even when you tell them about a new project they don’t seem to pay attention. Appreciation also comes with physical beauty, you may get attracted to other people. Let’s not pretend that we don’t get attracted to other people once in a relationship. It’s actually the way you handle this attraction that will lead you into the pit.

Our friends; not all people who say am your friend are real friends. Some are dying to have your man or end your relationship. So be careful who is close to your man/girl. What they discuss or share. 

We sometimes cause the people we love to cheat on us, therefore it’s always good to put in effort.I ain’t saying you have to police your partner but don’t take things for granted. 


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