Keeping a relationship

If life was like my playlist where I choose whatever I want to listen too or delete a song I don’t like. But life ain’t something you decide on randomly. What am I saying, today you are so in love with someone tomorrow you are breaking up.Thinking, how can one keep a relationship?

A relationship shouldn’t be a struggle or a hustle. It is that time in your life when you meet a sharemate, laughmate, sadmate, workmate and heartmate. When you have a special person to trust with your life. This comes with a lot of sacrifice. No self centered person stays in a good relationship for long, with time the other partner gets tired and looks for someone who cares for them in the same way.Love as obviously as we all know is the reason why you are in a relationship. You choose one flower to take care of. Take it the way it is with its imperfections and accept it. We don’t choose who to fall in love with, it just happens.

Communication is key. You can’t take a day or two without interaction either by text or calls or eye to eye. No communication is one step down the trench. Contact with each other enables you understand your lover is; what they hate, love, admire, inspires them and generally behaviour. Some people may even take a week without communication yet they live in the same country what if you are separated by countries! When you love someone you are eager to know how their day and night was. A number of people would go silent on their partner because they he/she annoyed or disappointed them. It’s wrong because remember you ain’t the only person looking unto this lover as a potential date, the more you create a distance between yourselves, someone will use it to get through.

Another aspect is trust. Trust in a relationship is so important. You can’t claim to love someone yet you don’t trust them. Eventually the lack of trust will lead to a break up. There is no person who wants to trust and receive the vice versa. It’s not about give me, I give up. It is a matter of two people who believe in each other and won’t allow external forces to rule their relationship.

Faithfulness between lovers is so important. Cheating starts with you deleting messages etc. I won’t say much here but you all get it.Lastly, God is the center of every relationship. Trust and believe in him. Surrender your relationship to him to take care of it.


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