#UgblogWeek – Day 5 Nsenene, a Ugandan delicacy 

It’s that time of year when Ugandans take to the fields and streets in the night hours to “catch/trap” nsenene, a long horned grasshopper found in central and south-western Uganda. The edible insect also known as bush cricket. It is a source of income, contain protein and food to man Ugandans. They appear in the mini season of May but majorly November. They are in colors of; green, brown and yellow.

How they are prepared;

  • Pluck wings and limbs off
  • Wash in warm water twice or thrice depending on how dirty they are.
  • Put a little water to boil
  • Salt and onions if you like seasoning. Sometimes, the onions help keep a good aroma if you aren’t going to consume them in the next two days.
  • Fry until golden brown over medium heat, ensure their abdomens are completely drained – crunchy.
  • Stir occasionally to prevent burning. Like you are trying groundnuts.
  • Taste.

Nsenene trappers use lights/power grid to capture the insects.

Raw grasshoppers in water
Ready for grabs grasshoppers. Yummy!



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