#UgblogWeek – Day 4 Men are “TRASH” Part 

As ridiculous as it sounds, men are trash! Maybe lets look at the meaning of the word “men“. Men is a plural for man which means an adult male human for example; your father, brother, uncle, grandfather etc etc. Trash means; waste, garbage, rubbish, Junk. I just wanted to make sure you know what this phrase means before I point it out to you ladies. Women who probably go picking “fcukboys” in their lives and make it look like the whole male human race is a hazard are subject to this dismissal. A man meets you for the first time gets attracted to you and calls you sweetheart, my queen, darling, the woman of my life and you go flying with assumed butterflies. What’s weird is that they are judged based on relationships dynamics of why women are unhappy.

Respect yourself enough not to be toiled with.Today he bestows niceness on you, tomorrow he can’t own up for what he has done then you curse all men ? Don’t be so gullible! You don’t go around playing daddy and mummy with the first man who calls you beautiful and you label all men as trash. Much as there are men who are out there to play the “evil one” not all of them. Generalization has stretched too far.In primary school my english language teacher also had to correct us, speak for yourself she authoritatively said. She would ask “how was your break-time?” Replying in chorus, “our lunch was gooooood teacher” haha!!!!! What did I say? signs say my break-time was this or that not our.

If there is anything that has happened to you, you largely contributed to it sweetheart.It might have been one or two men who hurt you, don’t blame the whole male existence.Take your time when you find a man.He ain’t a wave that he is running away. And you such men don’t think am supporting you for your ungrateful and irresponsible actions.


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