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#UgblogWeek – Day 3: YESTERDAY 

Yesterday people laughed with their   hearts but today they laugh with their     teeth.Moral education of a child was  communal. Fathers were an epitome of respect and decision-making but now they impregnate their own children. Men were the  head but they are now the tail, looking for sugar mummies.

Children stand up to their parents and talk back disrespectfully. The girl child is willingly taken to school. Women have a right to vote and make decisions in society. Parents chose your marriage partner. Make-up didn’t matter. The natural mask was real. virginity was the pride of any girl and a merit to marriage.

Your husband had the first visit when the relatives were outside waiting for proof. Men married women but girls are marrying their fathers.Christmas was celebrated together,love words were scribbled on paper but now the internet has got us covered. Trousers were for men only.

Childhood was all dusty, noise, crying and laughing, now it’s behind closed doors. Men were kings now they are queens*. Museveni was president and museveni still is. Women were workers but now they are bosses.



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