#UgBlogWeek – Day 2 : Sex Education in our schools

Growing up in an African society, the word “sex” is received with shock especially from a younger person. Traditionally the fathers taught the boys and mothers to the girls. Today the girl-child is the focal point they visit and stay with the “Ssengas” a sister to your father in preparation for a potential marriage partner.

Unlike years ago, there is advanced technology which is a great influence in sexuality education. We don’t need to sit around a fire-place for this knowledge. Though we still have a parent who will wallop a young adolescent for having a boyfriend. Instead of seating down and tell them the consequences of their random decisions.  They treat it as an adult issue or abomination.You either lead your child to light or darkness swallows them.

Recently some parliamentarians hypocritically supported a ban on sex education…

A screenshot from Radiocity 97Fm Facebook page showing a background of sex education in uganda

Banning sex education ain’t going to reduce the high rates of early pregnancies and HIV. These are things that have happened before. There are causes like; poverty, illiteracy, cultural practices and many other that have been ignored.

When I was in  school we “True Love Awaits Club” which acted as a weapon for sex education. Various counsellors visited school one of them a reknown Dr. Stephen Langa of Family Life Network to  guide us on academic and relations related issues. At one time we signed committment cards for our future marriage partners. But  as I type this, some of the club leaders have beautiful healthy babies. The question remains, are we going to blame it on sex education?

From my point of view, sex education is important though aspects like; the age of the child, where and who should lecture the issue matter. In this  century, there is a lot of literature and online a teenager/ youth can access with or without your help.Therefore, sex education may as well be banned from schools but us pretending that it is going to change anything is totally absurd.

Am not going to tell you how to raise your child but; Are you a parent who is going to restrict your child from television programs? Or a guardian who is going to give your child  freedom to watch and read anything they want? Are you going to pretend and not tell them about their sexuality that it’s indecent? Or going to tell them that is good/bad, that is done that way but don’t do? We have children as little as 10 years claiming to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, are we going to stop them or try to find what why they do have one and advice them?

Do you support the ban on sex education in our schools?  Share your views.


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