Why are you having sex?

Probably someone saying, why is she minding our business or so raw with words.I would ask, why are you making love? But i won’t make this post “lovey dove”. Last night I was reading  a story of a young well established gentleman who has had sex with  women who are more than his toes and finger nails. What was more intruiging, this man loses interest immediately after intercoursing and never what’s anything to do with the ladies again. I won’t judge him.Am just asking whoever is reading this, why are you having sex? 

Is it for fun, pleasure, money or competition. Why erect each time you see a desirable lady? Don’t you have any self control or sense of direction.Ladies, is every man worth that warmth? Am no virgnity advocate, it’s your right to have sex but hey, you ain’t going to sprog semen all over the world. Then at the end of the day you want a virgin wife. It’s okay to have sex but STOP using people.

There is a difference between having sex and making love. Sex is just sex, you are having a blast in bed. Making love you are sharing a feeling that is just more than sex. So why are you having sex?



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