Who Are You?

      Does it matter to know where i come            from or who I am…when the                      person asking you wants to help               basing on that? When they want to be            nice because you are tribemates or family friends?

When they are leaving someone on that malnourished hospital bench just for you to get flu tablets? When a street child is lying on a rough verandah somewhere in the city!  Yet you are emblezzing them funds for help. You want to date me because of my family background? Does it matter!!

        When you fall in love with my body           but not what I am, when you love my            children because am their mother?         When you attract other women                        because of your money? When you             get 3 women to hate themselves                   because religion says you can                            marry as many as you want!

Why are you then asking me who iam? Do you wanna act God and Adam!?



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