What do you think about me?

It’s a long title and going to be a long article…”what do you think about me?” is about perceptible thoughts of countries from me….Consider it a soliloquy Episode one.

Uganda: The pearl of Africa……it has beautiful scenery, land where the martyrs sacrificed for religion.Well,I think you ain’t a poor country but you would be better if you had change of leadership. Agriculture is one of the econmoy’s source of revenue. Good education system though the recent lot of elected MPs didn’t have educational qualifications. What does this mean!

They are good at partying….some people call it “the home of parties”. How can I forget, the source of the Nile. Delicacies like the ugandan rolex and matooke.

Kenya: From what I see on twitter and read, youths are more engaged in political talks and participation. You have a good demonstration spirit. Development is becoming part of you because you are properly untilising your resources. They are outspoken people and have a unique vibe around them.

Your education system is so expensive. Journalism or media houses are a step ahead compared to East Africa.Musically, Sautisol is my best. In addition, they have alot of talent and CokeStudio is located there.

Tanzania: The English language ain’t well known which is no crime because majority of you are fluent in kiswahili. It’s a country with alot of beautiful ladies. Politically, magufuli made a name but am not sure he is working. Economically, am not sure.

Socially, I hear it’s home of strong “juju” – witchcraft. Musically, I know Alikiba and Diamond.

Rwanda: Where do I start **smiles** , development is a characteristic one cant leave out about this country. Beauty from scenery to the people. Musically, mmmmmh not sure but I know Deejay Pius who has a collabo with Chameleone…. Agatako. I would love to visit this country one day or get a close friend/relative. 

Politically, it’s no different story like any African country.

Burundi: I think its a country that was peaceful before greed for power engulfed the leaders. Nothing much I know. Politically unstable.

Nigeria: Igweeeeee……… Haha!!! It’s the beautiful cultural dance that tickles my mendulla. Hope I get a Nigerian to tell me how they call it and teach me how to dance it perfectly some day. Nigeria’s cultural attire is a big deal people, I love it. Their accent when speaking the english language is more like comedy to me. Then the  “yellow rice”. 

Alternatively, Nigeria’s movie and music industry is more vibrant than the political system. 

India: I think they are descent people. Politically I know little about India apart from Manhati Ghandi. They also remind me of Uganda’s Idi Amin leadership. Religiously, they are committed.They are good business people and tend to maintain unity & riches in family. 

Their movie industry is a boost of their music industry. You can’t watch a Indian movie and miss a musicial scene. 

South Africa: They are beautiful and handsome people. “Advanced” africans **sighs**. I just want to go to south Africa and meet the Zulu people,the coloureds and tour Soweto. Sometimes i think racism and colonialism effects were worse in S.A.

Have good Afro-beats. Lucky Dude was one of my favourite childhood artiste. There’s a word that many Ugandans go there to practice witchcraft for riches.

South sudan: These people have a privilege to breathe-in natural air before us, they get the freshest air because of their height. Slim, dark and beautiful models.Guns, bows & arrows, blood and scorching sun are part of the list.

Ethiopia: Shares our river Nile…..

Zimbabwe:President Robert Mugabe is the first and major thing I know about this country. I need to read more I guess..

Gambia: Like any other African country wants to move out of the ICC.

United States of America: But recently, it’s Barack Obama who crossed my mind. Now its Donald Trump whom many Africans didn’t like for a president because of his racist nature. Hollywood, Oscars etc……

Westernization has come from America. People want to speak, dress, cry, chew, dance like Americans.  I guess, there are “influencers”.

Switerzland: Thanks to my geography teacher I learnt that is a country with beautiful scenery.

To be continued………..

If you are a blogger and from one of these countries, I would love if you gave  your view….or add on some outstanding details I don’t know.And if I didn’t talk about your country…I haven’t forgotten.


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