When love Is Hate

Break ups……………***sighs****

Basically am mapping how people react when they break up.Various people act according to different circumstances that led to the break up while others tend to be “understanding” that its expected at any stage in a relationship;
The enemy.This kind don’t want anything to do with you ever again. She/he can even kill you if they were given chance to do so. There are the category that will post everything on their social media platforms about their new relationship with contradictory content concerning to their ex lovers. 

The lover. They want to remain your friend even after you broke up and always forgive but never forget. Sometimes,he/she becomes a best friend you never had in them as a partner. Most likely, they might get back together.

He/she may also remain as your friend but never want anything to do with you. They want to make you feel loved or wanted. In reality, its guilt that haunts them that’s if they did something wrong to you. However,she/he might just want to make peace and move on. They are conscious about what other people think about them.

The stalker. This one doesn’t want anything to do with you in close proximity but in actual sense, he/she still wants to know whatever is happening around you. Who is dating you, texting you, going out with you etc etc. This ex lover normally wants to get acquitted with the way you live your life. They keep checking on your social media for updates.

Some may wish you well while others the worst.

So have you broke up with someone before? How did you behave……share with comments.


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