I want a man

Am no romantic or good lover but when  I commit am loyal like a dog . Like a tortoise I take time to give my all. But also a hyena when you act otherwise. Pooh! Didn’t come to talk about myself. My persona has a simple poem here; 
I want a man,but no just a man. I need a best-friend, someone I can tell everything. To share with my desires. A gentle lad whom I will lament to about my everyday’s adventures, discoveries, dreams and weaknesses.

I want a man, who won’t take me for my physical beauty, food habits or talking too much. A sexually inquisitive knight who will search the entire bag before washing it. Humble but authoritative.

I want an ambitious man whom we shall talk and fantasize about our love and future with.Open minded, fears God and good communicator.

I want a man to make a proud father. And I will be the mother of his children. Not just a father/mother rather a life-time partner. I need someone who needs me forever.

~~I Want A Man~~

Cc Phiona Babirye 2016 


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