How responsible are you? 

Responsibility has taken a new turn. Majority of people think being responsible is walking to a bontique buy clothes for your girlfriend/children or go to the supermarket for groceries. A whole lot has been left to the maid. No wonder, we have more bonding between children and the people we call “servants” , so called starved husbands intercoursing* with maids vice versa married women having affairs.There was a scenario where the hubby found out that all the children he called his weren’t.  Why let someone else take care of things that would make you a queen and not a servant.
When I was little, I always thought the maid was supposed to do every chore in the house. So one day I came back home and never washed my uniform or bothered to find out if it had been washed because I knew  it was Jane’s business. The next morning all my uniforms were dirty and I didn’t study.  To cut the long story short, my mum whipped my little ass for being irresponsible. I learnt it the hard way.

In this ear, the “maid” is responsible for everything; cleaning their compounds, dirty plates in the sink even worse wash your undies. Then there is a group of people dumping rubbish in public places yet a bin is next to them. When you fail a test and blame it on the lecturer’s way of awarding marks. Wake up late for church and blame it on your sleepy head. Or never attend church for a month and blame it on the church being far. You haven’t paid rent for 5 months, landlord is hard on you and asks you to leave, still you point fingers at them. 

Why is that we have lost self responsibility! Is it so hard to acknowledge that we are the ones behind our problems sometimes? You realize the moment you get to understand the people and environment around you, you will have less disagreements and blames.

One has to balance and differentiate between work and family time. As a couple you need to make time for each other. As a child you need to learn household chores even when you have thousands of maids. These are values you will not learn from a class. Charity begins at home.

What am trying to say, let’s step up our game.


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