For God and My stomach

Photo from Daily Monitor

Today I left home with Ugshs. 500,000 but at the end of the day’s “adventure”, it seemed like the money just flew away. 256 money has lost value. I then boarded a taxi around pioneer mall to my destination where I spent 2hrs sitted in Jam. When I got home, my yaka was over I activated it but before I would even switch on the TV, electricity went off. As if that wasn’t enough, my phone blacked out. The annoyed me didn’t rant. My legs made a few steps towards the bathroom, Guess what! I was welcomed to a lifeless tap.I literally cursed my existence. 

But what is happening in this our nation. Everyday it seems like the conditions are worsening. When I hear the President say we are pushing towards a middle- income economy, I ask myself, “If we can’t even have better roads or feed our own people, endless corruption cases and pay civil servants?! How will we even get to a middle-income economy when you can’t maintain the little you already have? 

On the roads, it seems like the taxi drivers and motorcyclists are competing for space. The motorcyclists are struggling for space with pedestrians on the pavments. Where did our discipline go!? None of them seems to mind the traffic rules. Even the traffic officers have become a nightmare to the road users, they are just money parasites. 

This leads us to the amount and payment of salaries , early this month the president of this beautiful country ordered for closure of Makerere University claiming the lecturers were not teaching so it was better that way. He called them “childish” because they were striking for having not been paid for 8 months. If a whole leader who went to the bush to fight for a better nation treats”his people” like this, will you blame a foreign investor who overworks his employees under poor conditions and pays them less or even never!

Some ugandans would soon die becuase of famine in about 52 districts but how much has the government done!?? These our “meditators” “dear” MPs are in recess, they haven’t thought about coming back to Parliament to talk about the issues affecting this country and find solutions.


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