Life is what you make of it

Usually, people think if yor friend is a outspoken or also outspoken. It’s not true that birds of the same feathers flock together as the saying goes. Some people are different. A few years ago, I met a group of friends who are always in the bar 24/7even the bar manager has a particular account for their consumption. But there was this particular friend lets call him “the other guy” who was unbotheredly  sipping on sodas with chicken . You would talk its delicious because of the way he closed his eyes each time he took a bite of the brown oily chicken. 

I didn’t ask why he wasnt taking alcohol and having a beautiful bummy woman next to him like his buddies. I just looked on and many questions kept tormenting my inside.Not long before 3 weeks, I realized what bounds them is work. This other guy would always follow his collegeaues because he was single and had nothing to do at home. ….to spend money he called it.

You realize most times we are like dust, when the wind comes it takes us in any direction it wishes because dust is vulnerable  and unable to make its own decision. Sometimes, we determine the kind of people we become when we choose our friends.Forexample, this other guy is forced to go to the bar everyday of the week because of his friends, he has let himself to be vulnerable yet he can do better.

What am I trying  to say, let’s be our own decision makers and stop relying on people.



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