It’s Donald Trump! 

I don’t want to think that Americans didn’t like Trump like the media has portrayed it. I want to believe Americans went to the polls and decided.Ofcourse, I also don’t want to think that the great nation of US – rigged votes. One of the reasons several African leaders have stayed in power forever. During one of his campaigns, Donald said they would take back the support of Florida state and prophetically it’s one of the states where he beat Clinton in. 

I must say the Donald who became the President of United States of America yesterday is different from the person I have seen and heard during his presidential campaigns. For the first time he spoke words of unity. Let’s hope the little speech of yesterday will be him for the next four years of governance.

It should be noted that this is going to be first American President who has no political background. This leaves some persons thinking he would find it hard for him to execute. I think we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Let’s open our eyes, ears and wait on…….

Hilliary Clinton had all rights to say votes were rigged but she wouldn’t because she also knows the people of America had spoken. She conceded and congratulated Trump. I have left to imagination what Donald would have said or thought. I should commend her for the charisma, she lost the first election and now the second but she still won’t give up serving her nation.

Many people; immigrants, African Americans, etc etc living in America are waiting what he will do next as they have been one of his targets during the campaign under the slogan of Let’s Make America Great Again. Looking at the Twitter TL, many Africans are happy not because Trump won the polls as majority preferred Clinton. However, they are hoping he executes what he said about long serving African Presidents. 


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