Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are a trying moment in life. When your lover is miles away, you only feel them through electronic machines or cyber space. The first weeks will be all lovey dovey, calls and texts. Then all these will become missed calls and unanswered texts. 

Majority of these relationships fail because Some partners give up and start to make up imaginations when he/she doesn’t pick up a call or text back. 
These relationships don’t fail because of distance; its lack of communciation. Communication is key in any relationship. It helps you to get to know your partner, solving misunderstandings and keeps you closer. Sharing is another way of building trust in a relationship.

Some partners will definitely fall for temptations. This is where we get to the basics; love, faithfullness and committemet. The most important aspect is the ground you have built your relationship on. If you are together because of sex, physical outlook and wallet size. You are bound to fall for the bet. If you have built your relationship on true friendship and God, there are higher chances that you will not fall for the bet because when its usually tricky, even when romantic love exists no more, your friendship will haunt you.

Have you been in a long distance relationship? Share your experience.

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