When I Die

Permit me to talk about my death rules.There are things I have seen with my naked eyes and on the internet that are heartbreaking. People are misusing social media, they nolonger have any decency for the “fallen”.

When my Father in Heaven calls me,  don’t come to my burial to take sefies.To give hyperbolic speeches. To show the whole world you came. 
If you are hungry don’t pretend that you don’t have appetite, eat!! Don’t pretend to cry if you don’t have tears to wash your eyes.Don’t contribute money to show off or when you ain’t willing. 

Don’t post false stories praising me. Pray for my soul and live for Christ not the world.

Such is the influence of social life, people taking selfies with the “fallen” when the coffin is being lowered into the grave, and etc etc etc.



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