It’s all about the money and sex

“Hey, I think you are a nice person I would love to get to know you better”. He wishpers with a radiant smile.Am not talking about love but rather how some modern guys has learnt to charm a woman like a gentleman even when all he needs is sex.

Most of them have replaced “nice person” with “beautiful” because you just can’t meet someone for the first time and write a summary about them. They have mastered the art of penetrating a woman’s heart.

  • Ten Day Timeline;

Day 1: Take you out for dinner and talk about how much they earn, if his father is a minister that won’t miss, how he replaced his iPhone 7 last week, planning on going to Dubai for shopping and number of cars he has.

Day 2: Take you for a romantic movie and later ask you which part you liked the most. Then tell you how they wish it was the two of you kissing or whatever the movie was about.

 Day 3: An outing to a bar or most expensive place they think will impress you. Because he thinks his money can get him everything.Possibly to also make you feel like he wants to know you more and he isn’t about sex.

Day 4: Drops you home or hostel and tells you how they have fallen in love with you and would do anything for you.

Day 5: Sends you sweet morning messages, what’s to know how your day was and makes sure calls you at 10pm to say goodnight but hoping if you would sext with them.

Day 6: He wants to make love to you. Asks you if you have had sex before, what is your best sex style etc etc etc….

Day 7: He invites you to his home for a movie. Places a porn CD in the player and pretends its a friend who was watching it. Later, you two watch a romantic movie. Ofcourse like lovers. Before you know it he trys to peak you, or even caress your arms….

Day 8: Motive already shown, he invites you to his home again. This time he tells you to your face.I want to make you my queen, then your heart starts to melt. Hahaha!!!! Actually, guy is trying to say ‘my bed needs us’.

Day 9: If you ain’t sharp enough, he achieves his goal. 

Day 10: Less calls, texting, always busy, never picks his calls, on a trip/not in the country and “the telephone number is no longer available” is the theme each time you try to call.

  • As for the women, if she doesn’t seduce you and you vibe herShe will; 

Day 1: You ask them to meet you, she asks for transport.

Day 2: She has met you and you have what we call the ‘body’, looks, dime/money. If she just wants the cash, trust me she got your back.They call it “I have arrived”.Some don’t even know where you work or come from but just want to know where you hang out.

Day 3: She will make their friend sick and ask you for money to go see them.Or make up a story about her phone having been stolen, so you buy her an iPhone 7.

Day 4: She will call you asking for lunch. As usual they are always about money, money, money and money. And wouldn’t mind getting laid as long as you are going to give them dime.

Day 5: She wants to spend a night in your bed.Before you know it, guy has scored the goal. This kind of girl ain’t easy to dump because she won’t stress, only calls you for the money. If the guy needs someone who is always available. They will keep them for service. Turning into “friends with benefits”. 



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