Oh! Uganda May God Uphold Thee

If I don’t write about this I will be lying to my little tiny fingers because “me has”a lot of questions in my precious mind. Why would a well reknown University in Africa close due to failure to pay lecturers their salaries. The economy of this country is running out of breathe.Just a week ago, Bank of Uganda took over Crane Bank.

Makerere University has been deemed the “home of strikes” because of limitations in administration. If students don’t strike, its the lecturers or non-teaching staff. But why should one of the highest institution that has birthed a lot of well “jobed” men become a nuisance!

This country’s President has ordered for indefinite closure of the University till further notice in pretence that its for reasons of people’s and property safety. Was this the best of solution!? This means students have to vacate premises.

Now what happens to students who come from away areas and don’t have any relatives around kampala? Accomodation of International students are another question to answer. 

What happens to those that are supposed to graduate in January? Truth be told, this wasn’t the right solution.

Makerere University should not be closing, we all have seen the President “splash” money around like an ATM machine, why is it that he can not “splash” it to the lecturers. Because we are not going to pretend its the students fault. We know who is responsible. The silence of the Minister of Education and Sports is even more disturbing.


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