Thinking Out Loud!

As I write this, am wondering how many people will read this post. #RandomThoughts oh! Okay I haven’t even started yet.
I thought writing was getting your mind to type anything that comes to your mind but I guess I was wrong this is not twitter or facebook. Writing is about inspiration and knowledge about the subject.

When I was 18, I told myself I was a good writer because I read alot of books and watched a lot of movies.I always fantazied about impossible love and falling in love. In fact I wrote a book called “Destiny” all based on fantasy. Not that am a romantic but was tryna be a writer. Up today, I just have it scribbled in an abandoned counter book.

A few days back, I created a blog and told myself I should get back to writing. It’s been 5 days and I have visitors from Norway, Uganda and United States viewing what I write about but no like or comment.  It feels good for people across the world to read your opinion. There may not be any comments and likes but it satisfies to see people read your work. 

Most times I have written to myself but now am writing to the world. 

Now am asking myself, who is a good blogger? 



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