Kinds of Lovers

There are FOUR types of Lovers in the Universe;
The Daily caller. This one checks on you in the morning, afternoon and at night. They are caring and committed. Normally have developmental discussions. Normal lovers, don’t overrated.
The All-time Lover. He calls you in the morning to see how your night was and what you are up to the whole day.He holas around midnight, at lunchtime,  mid-way afternoon and at night.This kind of lover is always insecure, he doesn’t keep checking on you because he loves you that much. He just wants to know who you are with. This guy will not let you go out alone with your friends. Normally, they don’t even trust people they call their best friends.

They are good at making promises that they can’t even fulfill.Always want to compete even if no one is envying them. They like buying you things, sometimes bigger things to please you. Thinking when they buy you the largest loaf of bread in the supermarket it will take you to heaven. 

In some way, these people are boring. Usually talking about love, love, love & the relationship. Calling you “their wife” is something they will start even before you consent to dating them. They normally want to see you 24/7. Don’t like you hanging with your friends but want you to know and love their friends.

They will introduce you to the whole clan before you even meet them. Highly possessive and good lovers. But dangerous when you break up with them. They take long to move on and ask you to bring back what they bought for you while dating. Hahaha!!!!!!!

Basically want to be everywhere on your social media platforms as if they are news stories.

The One-time Lover. This is the type that are always  called the “unromantic they never text when you don’t text them, always waiting like a praying mantis.They may even take a month without communicating but when he/she expects you to be faithful to them. And to love them more than your mother.

They don’t stay together for long as they break up because of mistrust. They are experts in flirting. They love to receive but don’t know how to reciprocate.

Social media Lovers. These are the kind of people you meet on social media. You may have been classmates, workmates and family friends but the guy just cannot approach you face to face. So they prefer doodling that WhatsApp love poem for you. Everything is done online. You accept them and start dating.

Most times they won’t call to know if you have reached home. They will send a WhatsApp text. They are good beepers. If they call you, they are only telling you “put on your WhatsApp, I have what to tell you” . 

They more about how many followers they get on a day than the relationship. They love show buzz and are “wannabeez”

****Such is Love****



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