A letter to the World

Donald Trump has been deemed a racist and all sorts of things. Of course it’s true even an ant can feel it from a distance But many of us are like him, just because we are hypocrites. You are no saint if you think working with someone has to be determined by race, tribe or region/country they come from. 
Have you entered someone’s office and they assume you are their tribemate because of your name or how you look!? And when you give them am answer they expected , they hurriedly prophesize “I knew!” No, you didn’t know anything, you are just too tribalistic.

On several occasions I have been stopped by people asking me “Are you from Western Uganda?”I reply with a loud sarcastic laughter. Not because am excited but disappointed. It doesn’t matter where we come from.Let’s learn  to appreciate people for what they are and not where they come from not who they are !

 Let’s stop calling others names. If today you are giving someone a job because they are your tribemate or friends and ignoring a person who may even be  better. What matters when you call Trump a racist but you are tribalistic. You ain’t any different. 

Some employers will go an extra mile to ask where you come from, what does it matter. This world is not our home we are just passing through.

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