Iam No Politican

I call myself Uganda’s Finest not because am a young youth with ego problems.But I love my country Uganda as many call it “the pearl of Africa”. Uganda has been known for all the “assumed” important but right reasons; corruption, Museveni & NRM, Besigye, Kiprotich,Kansiime etc etc etc.
I will not speak for others. Yes, it’s true I have been under the “blissful” yellow leadership since I was born.Back to why I call myself Uganda’s Finest because I believe am all my country needs to be a better place. Am not writing a political manifesto or going to critize the current government.

We spend a lot of time crtizing and forget to improve ourselves. Look at the issue where the government builds a multi-billion building for vendors and they refuse to rent space but prefer to take to the streets. 

Thinking about the future of this country. Where will our children, children’s children grow up from. Hundreds are graduating everyday but with no jobs, they run to near by countries and lots of our girls being exploited in Arab countries all in the name of putting bread on the table.

“Oh! Uganda may God uphold thee”.

***To be Continued**** 


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