What is a relationship when you are filrting with another and claiming to love another. Many people have failed to separate love from lust. You can not tell me am the only woman who makes you happy and yet you are sexting with some other idle person.
Many times people tend to say cheating is the nature of guys but hey, am sure and I believe there is a different man out there who can love and completely love one person.

Flirting in any serious  relationship  is like saying if you ain’t ready for sex, do not worry am going to get someone to fulfill my sexual feelings but it’s you I love. Just like having sex does not mean you love that person. And flirting doesn’t mean only sexting, once you begin texting messages so that your partner does not see them you are already cheating. 

It’s either you are in a a sincere relationship, friends with benefits or you are just there exploring persons.


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