Domestic Violence

The children are more affected. What they see they learn and adapt. Let’s help them to reduce it’s roots.

Many times when someone hears the word domestic violence the first thought that comes to their mind is that man who beats up their wife on a daily. It is on rare occasions that people think about the battered men . But this is because most men can not come up to the public and say “my wife beat me up”.  In Africa, it is losing respect if your wife beats you up. You are considered weak.
Leaving the mystery of the victims, people forget about the children who grow up seeing their parents fighting each every other day, quarreling and doing all sorts of violent things to each other. Sometimes that anger is passed onto the children and  in the long run these children are affected.They can not associate with others peacefully because each time their father has an issue with the mother or vice versa, its about fighting. Therefore, such a child ends up being brutal  and a poor listener because they think if you have a long hand, that is all you need to get what you want or solve your problems.



5 thoughts on “Domestic Violence

  1. Domestic violence has been,is & will unfortunately continue to plague us all.We are all affected,not just children. The children are affected the most of course.
    The choices we make sometimes are not the wisest & the affects of not getting what we desired,wanted or expected can play out in the final scenes (of a relationship) as violent.
    Not sure what can be done about this other than to educate & make children more aware so that when they grow up they do not make poor choices & become entangled in this web.

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