I Was Paid 150k Monthly

A thread of an unemployed Ugandan Youth

Disclaimer: I wrote this one year back.


After my graduation in January 2018, I was so sure am going to get a job in February. However, i did less (actually nothing at all) to look for one. Since I was a brand ambassador for a certain radio station. My airtime was catered for every month and so long as i was on the internet the boredom wasn’t so much. Everything was good. I was also working with this now non-existent Travel and Tour Company as public relations manager. Like i said, everything was OKAY!


Things were really hard! My brand ambassador job wasn’t helping since i had already left campus.

Finally, February was here and it was starting to get to me. I needed to look good, eat (with this my appetite), rent, and money was the only thing that could change this. I made phone calls to a lot of people but all was in vain.

Then I started to look for jobs online. Now here is the bitter delicious truth, no mail was answered the whole of February. Hahahahahahaha, that reminds me, Ugandan employers why do you include emails in job references yet you never reply mails?  At least reply the mail even if it says “you are over clarified” hahaha.

After series of trying, one Tuesday morning someone called me saying that Rita (a friend) had recommended me for a job at their radio station (name withheld). I was so happy! The Public relations person was really rooting for me and this gave me some kind of false confidence. To cut the long story short, that radio station is now using the ideas i shared during the interview for their social media accounts and it’s really working. That’s life i guess!

That month, I had two interviews which ended in vain.


Now! March, hahahaha…….. no job application was answered. I gave up on applying at some point though Martin kept encouraging me with that “me I got a job after several trials, Phiona do not give up” line.  I continued with my daily hustle (taking pictures, I am a very good photographer by the way). Mid May, Violet (a friend) helped me get a job.

I got a job at some organisations where i was earning 150k monthly. I was so desperate. It was the best but it was better than sitting at home.


I shoot and my shots. And got good feedback. Waiting on the best.

To be continued………….

I now have a job. Hoping to start something of my own one day. What does my story (though not completed) teach you?



It’s been a minute…

Are we back to blogging? well, i ain’t sure yet. At the start of this year i promised myself that i would start writing again but it seems like i haven’t got any motivation to do so. Life is “living” me instead of me living it.

Any ideas on what i should write about?


I wanted to cry about it.

But mama told me to be the strong woman she raised.

I wanted to grieve about it.

But it wasn’t the end of the road.

I wanted to write about it.

But it was not worth it. No one would bother to read it. No one even cares.

I wanted to tell my friends about it.

But I failed.