I wanted to cry about it.

But mama told me to be the strong woman she raised.

I wanted to grieve about it.

But it wasn’t the end of the road.

I wanted to write about it.

But it was not worth it. No one would bother to read it. No one even cares.

I wanted to tell my friends about it.

But I failed.



Bye October!

It’s been a while 🀑! Just here to say, “Don’t forget to keep that light within you burning.” Remember, no one owns the “Keys To Your City”. You alone does πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ.

I’m Not The One – Sam Smith

This song only proves that we are only human but “some people are more human than others.” You must think am confused but just think about that phrase. Try not to consider the obvious when giving your judgement. Maybe just maybe you will see what i mean.

“You and me we made a vow

For better or for worse

I can not believe you let me go

It proves in a way it hurts

For my months i had my doubts

Denying every tear

I wish this would be over now

But i still*

You say am crazy

Coz you do not think i know what you have done

But wen you call me baby, i know am not the only one”